January, 1980
The 75th Anniversary Commission approved the Alberta Games Council’s proposal to hold an anniversary games event for Alberta’s senior citizens. Seniors categories had been included in various Games events prior to this date, and senior organizers were seeking greater involvement.

January 31, 1980
A group of senior Albertans promoting recreation for the older adult, formed an association to help organize the Seniors Games — the Alberta Senior Citizens Sport & Recreation Association (ASCSRA) — the first organization of its kind in Canada.

February 28, 1980
Agreement struck between the City of Camrose and the Alberta Games Council confirming Camrose as the host of Canada’s first Seniors Games.

August 21-23, 1980
The first Seniors Games were a resounding success prompting a deluge of letters to organizers and sponsors.

July, 1981
The ASCSRA organization presented a brief to the Alberta Government proposing future Alberta Seniors Games. Recreation and Parks Minister Peter Trynchy announced funding for a biennial Alberta Seniors Games.

July 13-15, 1982
The 1982 Alberta Seniors Games were again held in Camrose.

April, 1984
The Alberta Games Council evolves into the Alberta Sport Council with expanded mandate for development and funding of sport in Alberta.

July 8-10, 1984
In response to the Minister’s invitation, bids were submitted by communities to host the 1984 Alberta Seniors Games which were, once again, granted to Camrose, where over 800 participated.

August 7-9, 1986
In keeping with the Alberta Sport Council’s philosophy of moving the Games throughout the province whenever possible, the 1986 Alberta Seniors Games were hosted by the City of Grande Prairie.

August 4-6, 1988
The Town of Vermilion was selected over ten other communities to host the 1988 Alberta Seniors Games, and hosted a very successful Games with approximately 800 participants.

August 22-25, 1990
The Town of Hinton hosted the 1990 Alberta Seniors Games with 1008 participants in attendance.

August 19-22, 1992
Using the theme “Golden Days”, the City of Medicine Hat played host to the 981 participants competing in the 1992 Alberta Seniors Games.

July 1, 1994
The Alberta Sport Council and the Alberta Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation merge to form the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF).


August 9-12, 1994
The Town of Lacombe hosted 881 enthusiastic participants during the very successful 1994 Alberta Seniors Games.

Fall, 1995
The Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation re-organizes the staging of the Alberta Seniors Games to include the Alberta Senior Citizens Sport & Recreation Association (ASCSRA) and the Host Community of St. Paul in a three-way Partnership Agreement to host the 1996 Alberta Seniors Games.  An Alberta Seniors Games Coordinator is hired by A.S.C.S.R.A. to assist the Seniors Games Planning Committee and provide consultation to the Host Community.

July 16-19, 1996
The Town of St. Paul hosted 877 participants at the 9th biennial Alberta Seniors Games.  Since 1996 was also St. Paul’s 100th Anniversary, the Games included centennial celebrations.

July 21-24, 1998
The Town of Three Hills staged the 10th Alberta Seniors Games, hosting almost 1000 participants.

July 25-28, 1999
The biennial Alberta Seniors Games changed to the odd-numbered years.  The Towns of Olds and Didsbury jointly hosted over 1100 participants in 1999.

July 24-27, 2001
The City of Lethbridge hosted the largest Alberta Seniors Games ever with over 1200 participants.

July 24-27, 2003
The 13th Alberta Seniors Games were held in Ft. McMurray; a unique experience for the 1200 participants.

February 23-25,2005
The first Winter Games for Alberta Seniors were staged in Edmonton: the 2005 Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games. Almost 1000 participants enjoyed a number of popular winter sports and some of the summer games activities that were transferred to the Winter Games.  These Games were made possible through the Alberta Centennial program.

August 11-14, 2005
The 2005 Alberta Seniors Games (summer) were staged in Wetaskiwin. Expanded age groups and events in the remaining summer activities kept the number of participants close to 1100.

February 20-22,2007
ASCSRA staged Alberta 55 Plus Winter Festivals hosted in three communities in Zone 7 [Lloydminster, Vermilion, Wainwright].  Close to 1000 Albertans aged 55 and over took part in 12 activities.

July 26 – 29, 2007
The City of Fort Saskatchewan hosted the 15th Alberta Seniors Games.  Sixteen activities and 2 cultural competitions were held for close to 1200 participants.

February 19-22,2009
The City of Lethbridge hosted the first Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games recognized as a biennial program through the ASRPW Foundation. Thirteen activities were the draw for close to 1100 participants.

July 23-26, 2009
The City of Airdrie hosted the 16th Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games. Seventeen activities were included in the Games with two being cultural competitions and brought close to 1100 competitors from all corners of the province.

February 24–27,2011
The City of St Albert will be the proud host of the 2nd biennial Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games, at the present 13 activities will be offered to close to 1100 participants from across the province.