Alpine Skiing is the sport of sliding down snow‐covered hills on skis with fixed‐heel bindings.  It is a timed‐race event.  We do two types of races‐ slalom and giant slalom.  Slalom ski races have courses that require short tight turns, whereas giant‐slalom races have courses which are set with more widely spaced turns.

1. The Alberta 55 Plus Games and all sanctioned ALBERTA 55 PLUS events will follow the rules as outlined by the International Ski Competition Rules (ICR). These rules can be obtained by searching

2. Age groups, events and competition procedures for an Alberta 55 Plus Games are specified in the current Activity Information Book.

3. General Overview

  • Each zone will be responsible for organizing time trials in each of the age categories in both the Men’s and Women’s Slalom events. It is recommended that a 2 run total time calculation determine the zone representatives.
  • Change the qualifying race to slalom rather than slalom for safety reasons.
  • Helmets MUST be worn while skiing. d) No penalty to anyone wearing a speed suit.

4. Time-Predicted Events

  • On the first day of competition, participants will make 2 runs predicting their completion time prior to each run. The lowest combined total difference for the 2 runs will determine the winners. Skiers will be permitted to know their times after the first run.

5. Dual Slalom

  • Participants will race head to head with others in the same age category and gender. Participants will get to race at least twice.

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