Athletics is an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve running, jumping, throwing and walking. Also commonly known as Track and Field. The simplicity of the competitions and the lack of a need for expensive equipment makes Athletics one of the most commonly compete sports in the world. Track events are timed races, while Field events such as throwing and jumping are measured events.

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1. The Alberta 55 Plus Games and all sanctioned ALBERTA 55 PLUS events will follow the rules of the I.A.A.F. (International Amateur Athletic Federation). These rules can be found by searching Certain modifications have been made to take into consideration the age category and level of competition.

2. It is recommended that a rubberized asphalt track be utilized whenever possible for any Alberta 55 plus sanctioned event. If a rubberized track is not available, it is suggested the track be shale.

3. The Start and finish lines as well as individual lanes should be clearly marked.

4. To start a sprint (100 to 400m) the command by the starter are: ‘on your mark’, ’set’, and then the gun is fired to start the race. For the longer races (800m and up) the commands by the starter are: ‘on your mark’ and then the gun is fired to start the race.

5. For Races in lanes (up to 400m) the runners must stay in their own lane for the whole race. For races longer than 400m runners can run in the inside lane, but must not step on the curb or inside the track.

7. In the case of a tie for medal standings, medals will be awarded to all tying runners.

8. A medical examination within two months of the start of the Games is strongly recommended. A Games waiver MUST be signed before participant can compete at any playoff level.

9. For time predicted races, each event should be conducted

as one group.

a. Prior to the race, participants must submit their name and predicted time to the race marshal . hour prior to the start of the race.

b. Wheel chair participation in Time predicted races will be permissible.

c. People of lesser skills will be able to participate but cannot enter into any other event. They will be allowed to participate in the relays, if invited.

d. Participants cannot use any watches or timers to pace themselves. No lap times will be provided.

e. As participants finish the race, their time will be recorded. Upon completion of the race, all actual times will be compared to predicted times. Times must be within a second, i.e. 4 minutes 21 seconds (4:21).

f. The participant closest to his/her predicted time will be the winner, and so on for subsequent places.

g. In the case of a tie the higher placing will go to the fastest total time


Age groups and events for an Alberta 55 Plus Games will be specified in the current Activity Information Book.


For the javelin, discus and shot put throwing events, the following implement weights for each age category will be used, as approved by the IAAF Veterans Committee. AGE JAVELIN SHOT DISCUS

Men Women Men Women Men Women

55+ 700 g. 500 g. 6 kg. 3 kg. 1.5 kg. 1 kg.

60+ 600 g. 400 g. 5 kg. 3 kg. 1.5 kg. 1 kg.

65+ 600 g. 400 g. 5 kg. 3 kg. 1.5 kg. 1 kg.

70+ 500 g. 400 g. 4 kg. 3 kg. 1.0 kg. 1 kg.

75+ 500 g. 400 g. 4 kg. 3 kg. 1.0 kg. 750 g.

80+ 500 g. 400 g. 4 kg. 3 kg. 1.0 kg. 750 g.


1. Rules of the I.A.A.F. shall apply.

2. Current rules for number of participants per age category per Zone can be found in the current Activity Information Booklet.

3. Each participant may enter up to 4 events (in the same age category) plus 1 relay if selected by the Zone Chef de Mission.

4. Each zone may enter 1 Women’s and 1 Men’s 55+ relay team.

5. Participants must compete in the same age category for all events except the relay and/or the time predicted races where all competitors will compete in 55+.

6. Men/women should not be entered into events within an age group already fully occupied by unless there is a different age group that is short men/women.

7. Zones will be able to perform “zone fills” up to their total maximum allowed participants per zone. This will allow more participants to compete in their proper age category.

8. Time-Predicted Walk/Run At Area/Zone Playoffs, participants in each event will predict the time it takes to walk/run 1000 metres. At the Provincial Games, participants will walk/run 1000 metres on each of two days, for a total of 2000 metres. They will be required to predict their time for each of the 1000 metre walk/run . hour prior to competing each day. The lowest combined total difference for the two days will determine the winners e.g. if 6 seconds over on the first day, and 3 seconds under on the second day, combined total time difference is 9 seconds. Participants will be permitted to know their times after the first 1000 metre walk/run. Participants may not use watches or receive pacing information.

9. Schedules of events will be determined by the Host Community Athletics Chairperson and the Alberta 55 plus Provincial Advisor.