Cross‐country skiing is a form of ski touring in which participants propel themselves across snow‐covered terrain using skis and poles. It is an extreme endurance sport and there is generally very little change in altitude (especially compared to Alpine Skiing). The toe of the skier’s footwear is attached to the ski with a binding, while the heel remains free. Skis are long and narrow, to distribute the weight of the skier and allow the skier to move quickly. This is a timed‐race event.

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1. The Alberta 55 Plus Games and all sanctioned ALBERTA 55 PLUS events will follow the rules as outlined by Cross Country Canada. These rules can be obtained by searching

2. Age Groups, events and competition procedures for an Alberta 55 Plus Games are specified in the current Activity Information Book.

3. General Overview:

  • Each zone will be responsible for organizing time trials for the Individual event. Each individual must enter one individual race in his/her zone prior to the registration deadline.
  • Both individual and time predicted events may be offered at the Provincial Games.

4. Skiing Techniques:

  • The ‘Traditional’ skiing method must be used – the skier stays in the tracks and skis in a forward direction, without using a ‘Skating’ technique.
  • The ‘Skating’ technique is not allowed
  • Going uphill, the skier can use the ‘Herringbone’ method to climb the hill
  • Going downhill, the skier can use the ‘Snowplow’ method

5. Participants must follow the marked course from start to finish, passing all control points. They must complete the course on skis using only their own means of propulsion and without assistance from others. The normal Alberta 55 plus course length is 5 kilometers.

6. Participants shall neither hinder nor interfere with other participants

7. Participants will start the race at one-minute intervals rather than a mass start.

8. All participants should make a reasonable effort to allow faster participants to pass. Normally slower participants should use the right track or side of the course, faster participants the left.

9. Each participant is responsible for the equipment that they use. All equipment must conform to CCC specifications and general safety requirements and is in working order. This includes clothing as well as apparatus with technical functions.

10. For more information, contact:

Cross Country Canada National Office
Bill Warren Training Centre
1995 Olympic Way, Suite 100
Canmore, AB T1W 2T6
Ph: (403) 678-6791
Fax: (403) 678-3644