Cycling is a time trial event where riders propel themselves forward on bicycles for a set distance. This is an endurance event. Alberta 55 plus also includes a Time‐Predicted component where the race isn’t against the clock, but how close you can be to your predicted length of time to complete the course.

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The rules on the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) website ( shall apply, as modified by the Canadian Cycling Companion Guide, which can be found on the website, and as modified by the Alberta Bicycle Association Regulations, which can be found on the website , and with the following modifications:

1. The UCI Regulations for Time Trial Bicycles will not be enforced

2. The UCI prohibition on sleeveless jerseys will not be enforced

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2. A medical examination within two-months prior to the Games is strongly recommended. Each participant MUST sign a waiver prior to competing at any playoff or in the Games.

3. 10 km Time Trials:

a) At area, zone and the “Provincial Games”, riders will cycle one 10 km race.

b) Interval starts (1 minute) are recommended if there are more than 4 competitors per race.

c) In the event of ties at the Provincial Games, medals will be awarded to all tying cyclists.

4. Time-Predicted Cycle:

a) Predictions must be given to race officials . hour prior to race start time. Cyclists will be asked to confirm verbal predictions by initialing as correct as written on the time sheet.

b) At the Provincial Games, participants will cycle one heat on each of two days. They will be required to predict their time for each heat . hour prior to competing each day. The lowest combined total difference for the two days will determine the winners, e.g. if 6 seconds over in the first day, and 3 seconds under on the second day, total combined time difference is 9 seconds. Cyclist will be permitted to know their times after the first heat.

c) Cyclists are not permitted to use watches or receive pacing information (verbal, bike computers, speedometers, hand signals, etc.) To do so will result in disqualification.

d) In the event of a tie, the cyclist with the fastest total time will be declared the winner.

e) Tricycles will be allowed in this event.

f) Competitors must compete on both days.

g) Cyclists who compete in Time-Predicted Cycle cannot enter into any other cycling event.

5. 20 km Time Trial:

a) This will be an optional extra medal event at the Provincial Games for cyclists who have participated in the 10 km Time Trial.

b) Interval starts will be used.

c) Medals will be awarded according to the same age/event/ categories as the Road Races. In the event of ties, medals will be awarded to tying cyclists.

6. Age Categories and Events:

Age groups, events and competition procedures for an Alberta 55 Plus Games are specified in the current Games Activity Information Book.

7. Course & Race Safety:

a) In setting the course, organizers shall ensure that the circuit includes no places or situations that could constitute a safety risk to anyone (riders, officials, spectators). Try to avoid U-turns on course; a circle loop is preferred. Presence of first-aid personnel is recommended.

b) If possible, traffic should be suspended on the course route for the duration of the race, or at least on each section of the route as the race passes through. Seek police cooperation at intersections and in heavy traffic areas.

c) Cyclists will be permitted to preview the race course prior to racing.

d) Each cyclist is required to bring his/her own bicycle.

e) The rider shall ensure that his/her bicycles and accessories do not constitute a danger to him/herself or other participants.

f) Approved / recognized official hard bike helmets (ANSI, Snell, or CSA approved) are required during the bike race and warm up.

g) Participants will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of their bike while on the course and should be prepared to handle any possible malfunction.

h) Participants may walk their bike across the finish line.

i) Cyclists are responsible to obey traffic laws.

j) Course observers should be stationed around the course to monitor the race.

k) No person shall drive or bike alongside a competitor.

l) Drafting (following closer than 10 meters) is not allowed.

m) Passing another rider will always be on the left.