All rules below were last updated in May 2018.


Rules are made to be followed by all players to make games happen. But often there are unwritten “rules” or courtesies which will make the game much better with fewer problems for all. Whether the game is a friendly recreational event among friends or part of an important tournament, participants should practice good sportsmanship and respect for their competitors.


Common to all card games, there are a few courtesies:

  1. One does not pick up a dealt hand and say “That’s a poor deal.” Or “You’re a bad dealer.”
  2. One does not pick up cards as they are dealt. More misdeals are caused by hands moving on the table than any other cause.
  3. Cards are cut by the player on the right before each deal. Cribbage, by practice, has only the cut to determine the dealer. Euchre does not require such a cut either. The bottom card, or the one above the required turnover, is never exposed or looked at.
  4. Lead-directing comments or gestures are not good card manners.
  5. No rule book allows the throwing in of hands in whist or bridge with “No ace, no face”.
  6. Adequate time must be allowed to the opposition to see a trick or hand before it is placed away. Note: Some localities have “house’ rules and games which are played by their own standards. We do not wish to interfere with these “house” situations but encourage all participants to practice the above-listed courtesies.


Common to floor curling, bowling, carpet bowling, disc golf, bocce and some other action games there are some courtesies:

  1. Lines ‘thou shalt not step over’ exist to place all players on an event footing. We often do not have enough line judges to watch each play.
  2. rules of the games indicate who is to lead, mark the score and where players should move to their next turn. It is improper to make comments or loud noises when others play.
  3. Shake hands before the game commences, and at the conclusion of the game.
  4. Leave judging and score marking to the proper persons.


  1. Rules for many of the activities that 55 plus play (swimming, track, tennis, slo-pitch, badminton, table tennis, etc) are contained in rules books written by provincial, national or international governing bodies. These rules are often referred to but any adaptations to these rules are listed in the ALBERTA 55 PLUS RULES OF THE GAMES BINDER.


  1. Avoid the use of strong perfumes, colognes or shaving lotion to prevent an opponent sneezing, being choked up or coughing at the wrong time.


  1. If two teams among those placing in the top three ranking positions have the same number of Win/Tie/Loss points, then the general rule will be that a tie-breaker game shall be played. This game shall be organized by the tournament organizer in a format suitable for the activity being played, with the number of ends and/or format to be determined by the time available and condition of the players. For each activity involved in the Alberta 55 Plus Games, the format for the tie-breaker will be clearly outlined in the printed Games’ information (generally a 4-end game at provincial competitions, or a 2-end game at playoffs).

Note: at playoffs the procedure to be used in the event of a tie should be clearly outlined before play commences.