• Enhance your physical and mental health
  • Improve self-esteem, confidence and your sense of well-being
  • Continue your lifetime pursuits
  • Travel
  • Qualify for Alberta 55 Plus Winter/Summer Games
  • Participate at your own level in workshops and clinics for activities and sports
  • Enjoy fun and competition with your peers in Alberta
  • Become part of the “Voice for Seniors”
  • Enjoy making a contribution to society by volunteering within Alberta 55 plus
  • Receive two newsletters per year to update you on competitions, workshops, events and social functions
  • Receive sport and liability insurance while in Alberta 55 plus events
  • Take advantage of home + auto insurance at reduced rates with Johnson Insurance

Please note: Registration for Events, Games and Provincials must be done within each Zone by contacting your Activity Coordinator.
Any person participating in Alberta 55 plus events must be a Member and you have to be age “55” at the time of the Event.


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*** All 2017 Memberships Expire on December 31, 2017 ***

If you are an existing member you can now renew your membership online!

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