Slo‐Pitch is a bat‐and‐ball sport played between two teams of nine to fourteen players. It is a direct descendant of baseball although there are some key differences: softballs are larger than baseballs, and the pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand. In Slo‐Pitch, the pitch is thrown with a high arc at a slow speed, giving the batter the easier chance of making contact.

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Slo-pitch Rules

1.Softball Canada Rules Alberta modified as adopted by the Alberta Senior Slo-pitch Association.

2.Teams are to submit a 16- player roster prior to the Games, but only 14 will be allowed to attend the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games. Two players are allowed to be listed as alternatives and would only attend the Games as a player if they were substituted in because one of the original 14 is no longer able to attend. All substitutions require Alberta Sport Connection Games Consultant approval and must be made at least the day before the Games registration date. A player cannot register on more than one roster.

3.If a team has a non playing coach, this person must be included in the 14 person team roster.

4.If all the players on the team are in the batting line-up and one is injured, unable to play, no automatic out will be assessed.

5.All players MUST have a number on their uniform. Three line-up cards will be used for each game. One copy of the line-up is for the Official Scorekeeper or Umpire, one copy for the opposing team and one copy for the home team.

6.All team scorekeepers, other than the Official Scorekeepers, must carry a current year membership (waiver signed) in order to be in the playing area.

7.A) 55+ Co-ed Category – Teams are allowed to field 10 players (Maximum 7 men and minimum 3 women). A roster of 14 players is allowed with a recommended 9 men and 5 women. The number of teams will determine the tournament format. Players must be 55 years old as of the date of the zone playoff in order to obtain a membership. There is no 150’ outfield restriction line in the Co-ed tournament.

B)55+ Category – A maximum of 4 players under the age of 60 (55 -59) are allowed on the 14 person roster. A maximum of 3 of these players are allowed in the batting line-up and on the field at any one time. The 55+ teams are allowed 10 players on the field. There will be 2 divisions of 4 teams with medals awarded in each division. Following round robin play, the 4th tem will be eliminated; 1st place team receives bye; 2ndand 3rd place teams will play off with the loser receiving the bronze medal and the winner playing the 1st place team for gold and silver medals.

C)65+ Category – Teams are allowed to field 11 players. There will be 2 divisions of 4 teams with medals awarded in each division. Following round robin play, the 4th place team will be eliminated; 1st place team will receive a bye; 2nd and 3rd place teams will play off with the loser receiving bronze and the winner playing the 1st place team for gold and silver medals.

D)70+ Category – Teams are allowed to field 11 players. The number of teams will determine the tournament format.

8.All competitors on a zone team must have their permanent residence in that zone.

9.Extra players (EP) may be used in each game and must be put on the line-up card for each game. In the Co-ed Division, equal numbers of men and women EP’s must be used. i.e.regular play is 7 men and 3 women – if EP’s are used it must be 8 men and 4 women of 9 men and 5 women.

10.Substitute player may be inserted without having first played in the field.

11.A player in the starting line-up can be removed and may re-enter the game for the player that replaced him/her, once during the game, in the same spot in the batting line-up.

12.A) Unlimited courtesy runners are allowed, but a player can only be used once as a courtesy runner in an inning. The courtesy runner must be inserted at the first stoppage of play and at the base the batter attained during the play. If a courtesy runner, that is an EP, is used as a runner, that means he is now in the line-up and the player he is running for is now out of the line up, but may re-enter the game under the re-entry rule. Courtesy runners shall not be replaced by another courtesy runner in the same inning.

B)If a courtesy runner is a runner from home, he/she must start 6 feet behind a line that extends from the 3rd base line.

C)In the 70+ Division, a courtesy runner from home plate may be used at the coaches discretion. Consent of the opposing coach is not required.

D)In the Co-ed Division, men are only allowed to run for men and women for women.

E)Courtesy runners (55+ & 65+ Divisions) may run from home if both coaches agree, prior to the start of the game.

13.It is recommended that the outfield fence, measured from the home plate to the outfield fence, be a distance of minimum two hundred fifty feet (250’).

14.Home plate is to be a mat or wooden board 3 feet by 2 feet, the front of which will be on the front of the original home plate, with the narrow part facing the pitcher.

15.A legally delivered ball striking any part of the strike mat before it touches the ground is a strike regardless of the direction the ball deflects.

16.To be called a strike, the minimum height of a pitched ball shall be 6 feet and the maximum height shall be 12 feet and it must make contact with the strike board.

17.The bases are to be 65 feet apart.

18.The pitching distance may be from 50 – 65 feet from the back of the original home plate within the 24 inch pitching plate width.

19.A safe line at home plate is a 10 foot line extending in foul territory from the front corner of the strike mat perpendicular to the 3rd base line. A runner, to be safe, must have his foot on the ground on the safe line or on the ground over the safe line before the ball is caught. If the runner touches the strike mat, he/she is an automatic out.

20.The commitment line is 45 feet from 3rd base (20 feet from home plate).

21.There is to be no tag by the catcher between the commitment line and the safe line.

22.No metal cleats will be allowed.

23.A safe base at first is mandatory. A runner must touch the outside of the safe base (orange) at first base, unless there is no play at first base. If there is no play at first, the first baseman is to give the runner the inner part of the safe base( white) regardless of whether the runner is proceeding to second base.

24.A runner may step off any base after the pitched ball has struck the ground or passed through the plane of the strike board without being called out.

25.Sliding is allowed on second and third base only.

26.For the Co-ed Category, when a male batter who is batting before a female is walked intentionally or otherwise, he will be awarded first and second bases and the next batter, the female, must bat.

27.Bunting is not allowed.

28.The five rune rule per inning is in effect, except for the last or extra innings, which are open innings.

29.Games shall consist of 7 innings. If the home team is ahead after 6 ½ innings, they do not bat and the game is over.

30.Fifth inning mercy rule, once the visiting team falls behind by 12 runs the game is over.

31.All games shall continue until a winner is determined. The international Tie-breaker rule shall come into play after 7 innings. Start the 8th inning with 1 out. Last official batter goes to 2nd base.

32.If there is a 2 way tie after the round robin, go to “who beat who”. If there is a 3 way tie after the round robin, go to the formula of “runs for minus runs against” in the games between the 3 tied teams.

33.The Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games Society will provide carded umpires and restricted flight balls (Worth Gold Dot .44 core or equivalent).

34.To ensure the safety of all players, certain bats will not be allowed (see current year banned bat list ASA non-approved bat list to be followed.

If a player uses an illegal bat during the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games, he/she will be suspended from play for the balance of that game. The illegal bat will be taken out of play. If there is a second offence by any member of the same team in the same Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games, the team will be suspended from further play in that Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games. The Alberta Senior Slo-pitch Association may impose further sanctions.

35.Any protests must be made in writing within ½ hour of the completion of the game and submitted to the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games Slo-pitch chairman. Umpire call may not be protested. Any physical altercations will be dealt with by the Alberta 55 Plus Discipline Committee as well as the Alberta Senior Slo-pitch Association.